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2012_12_07 - Valley Falls Field Trip

Banner Creek Science Center hosted a field trip with the 5th and sixth grades of Valley Falls Elementary School.  From 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM, Mike Ford, Observatory Director, and Orin Marshall, Education Committee member, conducted a tour of the science center, and the observatory in particular.

Valley Falls Elementary teachers Cheryl Brosa and Laura Reich (6th Grade), and Chris Hanson (5th Grade) brought nearly 50 students to the science center.  Most impressively the students chose to skip a ball game to take the field trip.  The students had a great time and plan to come back on a cloudless night for some excellent telescope observations.
Cloudy skies prevented any actual star observations, but the big RC-20 telescope, and all the many smaller telescopes, made a lasting impression on the students.  Mike and Orin also gave talks on introductory astronomy topics.  Mike noted that several students were really "turned on" to astronomy.

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